Type: exterior
Accessories name: BODY SIDE MOULDINGS
Accessories part number:
Price: R$ 1,499.99*
Price disclaimer: Price does not include service
Available in label: Applicable for:
Applicable to all models?: false
Applicable to all models Text:
Model selector: NX 300h Dynamic NX 300h Luxury NX 300h F SPORT
CTA link: /en/contact-us/find-a-dealer

Description Label: Description

  • Elegance with a touch of sportiness, designed under the contours of your Lexus.
  • Perfect adhesion and sealed raw material against natural agents.
  • Resistance against small strokes and guaranteed durability.
  • Available in the colors: silver, white and black, providing perfect harmony with the vehicle color.
  • Tested in accordance with strict Lexus standards.

Image: /content/dam/lexus-v2-brazil/accessories-nx-300/nx-300/body-side-moldings.jpg

Color Option Label: Available in:

  • Color name: Black
  • Color part number: PT29A-78150-02
  • Color code: #000000
  • Color name: White
  • Color part number: PT29A-78150-10
  • Color code: #FFFFFF
  • Color name: Silver
  • Color part number: PT29A-78150-11
  • Color code: #C0C0C0