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Discover original accessories available for the NX 300h.

  • Illuminated Door Sills

  • Cargo Tray

  • Key Glove

  • Cargo Net

  • Body Side Mouldings

  • Wheel Lock Nuts

  • Roof Rack Cross Bars

  • Side Step

  • Back Door Garnish

  • Rear Bumper Step Guard

*Recommended retail prices in BRL (Brazilian Real). Prices may vary from one dealer to another and do not include labor. Genuine LEXUS accessories may be purchased from the LEXUS dealer network and are subject to availability on the Brazilian market at the time of purchase. Consult a LEXUS dealer to check availability, price and payment conditions. LEXUS reserves the right to change the specifications of its products without prior notice. If purchased and installed in the LEXUS network, genuine LEXUS accessories are warranted against manufacturing defects for 1 (one) year, with no mileage limit, counted from the date of the original purchase invoice and installation service order, with the first 90 (ninety) days related to the legal warranty provided for in the Consumer Protection Code, and the subsequent period referring to the contractual warranty granted at the manufacturer's discretion. If purchased at Authorized Dealers from the Network and installed outside, only the legal warranty of 90 (ninety) days shall apply against manufacturing defects counted from the issue date of the purchase invoice. Illustrative images.