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Our essence remains focused on the product that we sell as well as on the services that are available to our customers. Lexus vehicles uniquely express the idea of luxury. In order to support this concept, our vehicles must be supported through a unique customer service.

Unlike other brands in the luxury segment, for us, the customer service excellence is as important as our own vehicles, thus expressing the heart of the Lexus brand. The key to acquire greater confidence and relationship with our customers is to provide them a unique and customized service.

5-year warranty

The Lexus vehicles sold in Brazil by the Lexus authorized dealer from MY2020 are covered by a five-year warranty with an unlimited mileage for private use and for commercial use, five-year warranty or 100,000 km, whichever occurs first, against manufacturing defects. Wear and tear items and differentiated warranties are excluded from the warranty coverage. For the warranty to be valid, scheduled maintenance as specified in the owner's manual should be made by the Lexus authorized dealer. Refer to the warranty booklet or the owner's manual for further information.

Lexus total assistance

Lexus Total Assistance is a support service in case of breakdowns or accidents, made available to owners and users of LEXUS vehicles, throughout Brazil's territory, other Mercosur countries and Chile, by complying with the following requirements and conditions:

Lending vehicle

For convenience while performing services, a lending Lexus vehicle is offered to the customer while they leave their vehicle in the exclusive Lexus Distributor for performing maintenance or repairs, provided that suck work was booked in advance.

The lending vehicle is part of the Lexus exclusive Distributor's fleet. See rules for the use and service availability in your Distributor.

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