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On the Hunt for New Flavors

We’re dedicated to crafting unforgettable experiences that inspire the strong emotional connections at the heart of true luxury and hospitality.

Delight in the same reverence to artistry and attention to detail with us in a series of curated adventures that showcases the very best of gastronomy from around the world.


In partnership with Condé Nast International, Lexus proudly presents a brand-new documentary series that delves into the visionary journeys of culinary luminaries from across the globe.

Driven by a spirit of adventure and dedication to their craft, these talented minds explore the notion of taste, while giving audiences insight into the expertise and artistry that goes into creating one-of-a-kind culinary experiences.

  • Creative Combinations:
    The Latin Innovator
    • EPISODE 4

      Creative Combinations:
      The Latin Innovator

      Sergio Barroso with the Lexus LS and LX

      Doing something that has never been done before with new ingredients, methods, and perspectives is the philosophy that guides Sergio Barroso in his craft. He creates innovative dishes that surprise and delight all who have tasted his cooking.

      Sergio is passionate about finding balance in his creations, allowing every ingredient to shine and enhance others on the plate. His approach perfectly mirrors the Lexus LS, where single elements are skillfully blended to create unforgettable experiences. He is always searching for unique ingredients and the Lexus LX is the perfect companion as he ventures from the coast to the hills to discover distinctive local produce that pave the way for his unexpected flavor combinations.

      • LEXUS LX

        Full-size Luxury SUV

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